IP Address Management Resources

Regional Internet Registries

www.afrinic.net - Africa Network Information Center

www.apnic.net - Asia Pacific Network Information Center

www.arin.net - American Registry for Internet Numbers

www.lacnic.net - Latin American and Caribbean Network Information Center

www.ripe.net -┬áRéseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre

Internet Governance

www.icann.org - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - dedicated to keeping the Internet secure stable and interoperable

www.iana.org - operated by ICANN IANA is responsible for the coordination of Internet unique identifiers including protocol parameter assignments

www.isoc.org - Internet Society - provides leadership in Internet related standards education and policy

www.iab.org - Internet Architecture Board - a committee of the IETF and an ISOC advisor IAB provides architectural oversight of the Internet Standards Process and IETF activities

www.ietf.org - Internet Engineering Task Force - its goal is simply 'to make the Internet work better by producing technical documents that influence the way people design use and manage the Internet.'

www.irtf.org - Internet Research Task Force - promotes research on topics related to Internet protocols applications architecture and technology

Other Internet Number Authorities

www.nro.org - Number Resources Organization - as a coordinating body of the RIRs NRO manages the distribution of Internet number resources including IP address space and autonomous system (AS) numbers

www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space/ipv4-address-space.xml - IANA IPv4 address space registry

www.iana.org/assignments/ipv6-unicast-address-assignments/ipv6-unicast-address-assignments.xml - IANA IPv6 address space allocations (unicast)


IPAM Worldwide - Free IPv6 Calculators

www.internetsociety.org/deploy360/ipv6 - Internet Society Deploy360 Programme site for IPv6

www.ipv6forum.com - IPv6 advocate consoritum

www.rmv6tf.org - Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force, a leading regional IPv6 advocacy group.

World IPv6 Launch - IPv6 deployment measurements and information for the Internet Protocol, IPv6.

IPAM Solutions

www.btdiamondip.com - An industry leading IP address management solutions provider offering software, appliances, virtual and managed services.