About this website

This site is published by Tim Rooney, presently Product Management Director at BT Diamond IP. My motivation for posting this website is to provide a source of reference information for IP address management related topics, including technology references, links, and occastionally my opinions.

Why IPAM Worldwide?

I published two books on the topic of IP Address Management (IPAM) in 2010 and 2011. The first, Introduction to IP Address Management, is an introductory text providing broad overview level coverage of IPAM and its component technologies, namely IPv4 IPv6, DHCP and DNS, as well as an introduction to IP networking and a business case structure for organizations considering deployment of IPAM technologies. My second book, IP Address Management Principles and Practice, offers a deeper dive into these technologies and techniques for managing them. To provide examples for IPAM technologies and techniques I evolved the IPAM practice for a fictitious organization, International Packaging and Materials Worlwide, Inc., or IPAM Worldwide, play on words intended.

About me

I have worked in the field of data communications since graduating from Drexel University in the mid-1980's with my first "real" job at AT&T Bell Laboratories,where I was a systems engineer within the Data Communications Division. This division's mission was the design, development and testing of modems digital service units, T1 multiplexers and network management systems...yes technologies of old! After receiving my MSEE from Rutgers during my employment, I was also afforded the opportunity to work with emerging wireless "personal communications services" (PCS) services and early Internet frame relay services offered by AT&T.

After my wife and I started having children, I switched jobs and moved back to Pennsylvania to work as a project manager at Comcast Cellular Communications, where I was responsible for the deployment of Comcast Cellular's first wireless data network based on analog cellular digital packet data (CDPD) technology. I also had the opportunity to work on other emerging wireless services and technologies at Comcast including wireless intelligent networks, superconducting filters and smart antennas. I performed a similar coordination and deployment role at Triton PCS/SunCom in the late 1990s.

In early 2000, I "re-joined" an AT&T descendant, Lucent Technologies, where I was product manager for the QIP product line, an IPAM software product. Since 2004, I have been performing a similar role at BT Diamond IP.